From Trypiti to Katacomves – Plaka – Triovasalo – Adamas


Trypiti is a traditional village in which the houses are built above the fishing village of Klima. Very close to the village is where you can visit the Catachombes and also the ancient theatre. In the main square there is the Church of Agios Nikolaos which is overseen by the windmills on the highest point of the village. A spectacular view is available while you taste the delicious dishes of Milos at the restaurants available.Also , many houses and apartments are available .Let’s not forget that on your way to the ancient theatre you can find the place where the statue of Aphrodite of Milos was found.


Plaka is the capital of Milos.It is situated on the top of a cliff with an amazing view of the Gulf of Milos. Plaka is the small traditional village that everyone is looking for on an island. Amazing colors along with the narrow cobble stone paths combine an amazing walk through the Cycladic architecture. Small souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes are available. You can find an  Archeological museum and Folk museum in Plaka. Lastly, from  the church Panagia there is an amazing view where you can enjoy the magnificent sunset.


Leaving from Adamas and before arriving in Plaka you will meet 2 villages , Triovasalos & Peran Triovasalos . These 2 villages are built around 2 hills with many residents and it is the commercial center of the island . Karodromos in Triovasalos is the main road on which you can find banks,cafes & just about anything you are looking to buy .

The central bus station of the island is located in the main square in Adamas. It is only 150 m from the port of Milos.

There is a bus connection to and from the airport of Milos which is convenient for whoever wants to travel. The bus stop is only 100 m from the terminal.

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